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10 things you should do to successfully sell your home

Handing Over the Key from a New Home

Selling your home involves a lot of planning and preparation.  Here are a few things you can do to ensure home-selling success:

  1. Price it right

    It’s important that the price of your home reflects the prevailing rates in your neighborhood. If your price is too high, you’ll barely receive any offers. But if your price is too low, you won’t make a suitable profit. To get an idea of your price range, check out the recently sold houses in your neighborhood. Find out their features and amenities. From there, you can figure out a comparable price for your home.

  2. Sell at the right time

    Be aware of the best and worst times to sell your home. The peak seasons for home buying are during the spring and summer months. Many parents start looking for available homes at this time to give their kids time to settle in their new home before the school year starts.

  3. Market your listing online

    Even if you have your home listed on real estate websites, let the people who follow you on your personal social media accounts know you’re selling your house. The internet’s reach is phenomenal, and if your network shares your post, your message will get to a large number of people in no time. You can attach a photo of your home, describe it with an interesting caption, add a video snippet to make your post more engaging, or link to the site where the full details of your home is listed.

  4. Focus on updating the kitchen

    The kitchen is one of the first things a buyer checks out. Make sure it looks welcoming. There’s no need to do a major renovation. You can repaint cabinets, change your countertops, or replace old appliances. Just upgrading or fixing a few areas can make your kitchen look up to date, clean, and well-maintained, qualities that make an impact on buyers.

  5. Maximize lighting

    When you maximize the lighting in your home, whether it’s the natural light or the artificial light, it gives buyers an impression of a spacious home. You can improve your home’s lighting by switching to light bulbs that give off a warmer glow, replacing dark curtains, and letting in more natural light.

  6. Enhance curb appeal

    First impressions make a big difference. Buyers should perceive the value of your home right away. Even if the interior of your home is beautiful, a less-than-appealing exterior will turn off potential buyers and ruin the chances of successfully selling your home. You can enhance curb appeal by repainting the exterior walls of your home, adding colorful plants, and sprucing up your front yard.

  7. Remove your personal belongings

    During house viewings, it’s best to remove any personal items in your home so that potential buyers can envision themselves living there. Family photos, souvenirs, and quirky accessories and collections should be put in storage. You need to make your home look as neutral as possible. If you have pets, hide their toys and bowls so that they don’t clutter your home.

  8. Make your home smell good

    The smell of your home can make an impact on your potential buyer. If your house has an odd smell, it could off potential buyer and decrease the chances of selling your home. Open windows, unclog drains, and get rid of items that give off an odorous or musty smell. For a more pleasant and welcoming smell, you can brew coffee, bake a pie, or light a subtly scented candle just before a viewing.

  9. Always be ready for visitors

    Always be prepared and available to give a house viewing. When buyers see that they need to make appointments way in advance or if they get limited viewing time, they’ll immediately move on to the next available home.

  10. Find the right Realtor

    The most important key to selling your home successfully is finding the right Realtor. The right Realtor should be someone who has local knowledge and can market your home to the right kind of buyers. Your Realtor should be in tune with your wants and needs to enable them to sell your home quickly and profitably.

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