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Atlanta Area School Information by County

One of the best things about the North Atlanta Metro area is the quality of the school systems and the variety of schools offered, both public and private. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it here! Please see links below to Atlanta area public schools sorted by county.

To search Atlanta area private schools, the AAAIS (Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools) is a great place to start. From this site, you will find links to each schools website and contact information. We also like these websites to help with additional information and to compare schools: School Digger and Public School Review. Please note that parents are allowed to rate schools and as such, you get some opinions that are valid and some that may not be. There is a lot to consider when selecting a school for your child and we recommend you visit your schools of choice.

Another unique thing Georgia has to offer is the

Hope Scholarship Program.

This program is funded by the GA state lottery and supports a GA Pre-K program as well as college tuition. Most high school students that graduate with a B or better grade point average will qualify for free tuition at GA State Colleges or reduced tuition at GA Private Colleges. Started in 1993, over 1 million Georgia students have been awarded this scholarship. To find out more about eligibility, click here.

Atlanta Area Public Schools

You’ll find award winning schools in each county. Just click on the links below by county or read reviews and do comparisons in the Great Schools search tool below. Another great search tool to look for award winning schools, test scores and more take a look at the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) School Guide.

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