It’s a great day – it’s National Cookie Day!! Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies have become a favorite sweet treat, but their history has humble beginnings born out of practicality. The cookie started out as a miniature test cake. These “mini test cakes” were put in an oven to test the temperature before baking an actual full-size cake. Once the “mini test cake” was baked, it wasn’t thrown away. Instead it was eaten and eventually this gave way to the sweet treat we know today.

Fun Facts

The National Today data science team surveyed 1000 people about their cookie preferences and came with some interesting facts:
  • 54% of American prefer homemade cookies (well, duh???).
  • 7% of Americans have never baked a cookie (that should be a crime).
  • 43% of Americans have eaten a whole row of Oreos in one sitting (am pretty sure I’ve eaten at least two rows in one sitting).
  • 33% of women eat cookies a couple times a week (just a couples times? I think someone’s fibbing).
  • 33% of men eat cookies a couple times a week (again, more fibbing!)
  • 35% of Americans pick Oreos as their favorite brand.
  • 65% of Americans prefer a chewy cookie.

Cookie Deals

Thankfully, you don’t even have to turn on your oven to enjoy this made-up food holiday. There are some cookie deals out there waiting for you:
  • Great American Cookies – This national chain is handing out one free chocolate chip cookie to anyone who stops by. No purchase necessary and be sure to check which stores are participating.
  • Insomnia Cookies – They are celebrating National Cookie Day all week, Dec. 3 through Dec. 10. You can also enter the online contest to win a year’s worth of free cookies. Today, Dec. 4, you can score a free cookie at one of its 145 locations.
  • Mrs. Fields – This chain is offering a sweet deal of up to 40% off holiday cookie tins on their website. Stop into one of their stores today and get a free cookie with a purchase.
  • Schlotzsky’s – Purchase an entrée and get a free small cookie.
  • Nestle Toll House Café – Buy three classic cookies and get three free at participating stores!
  • David’s Cookies is offering 15% off their site when you use the code GIFT15. Buy some for yourself or order for holiday gifts.
Ever wonder what type of cookie you are, take the National Cookie Day Quiz here and then go out and celebrate NATIONAL COOKIE DAY!