Yes, You REALLY Do Need A Buyer’s Agent!

Going It Alone Can Mean Buyer’s Remorse

Finding your dream home is as easy as pulling out your mobile device and searching one of many online real estate sites. If you can search yourself, there really isn’t a good reason to use a real estate agent, right? Right?

A recent survey by Bankrate found that 79% of Americans still see buying a home as a hallmark of the American dream. However, that same survey found that nearly half of all homeowners have buyer’s remorse. Among Millennials, that number jumps to 63%.

What is the source of this regret? Nearly 20% of all homeowners say hidden costs and unexpected maintenance is the primary reason. Other reasons cited were bad location, high mortgage payments, and buying the wrong size house.

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A Buyer’s Agent Puts YOU First

A seasoned buyer’s agent can easily help you avoid these common pitfalls. Best of all, a buyer’s agent’s services are FREE to the buyer. And, your agent has a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interest.

Why does that matter? The selling agent only has one goal, that’s to sell her listing, defects and all. You need an advocate to help you understand the potential drawbacks of a particular home, neighborhood, or area. One who will be a tough negotiator on your behalf from the initial offer through the inspection phase.

While you’re on the hunt, falling madly in love with a house, your agent will stay focused on the facts to make sure you don’t overpay. She’s also going to know what influences the sale of a house and will keep resale in mind. After all, if she’s been doing this awhile, your agent knows this probably isn’t your forever home, even if you don’t.

That’s all well and good for someone looking at resales. But, if you’re considering new construction, you definitely don’t need an agent. Those nice sales agents in the model home are on your side, right?


Actually, they’re just trying to make their sales goal for the month. You’re going to want to take your agent along so that you don’t pay too much for upgrades, make the wrong selections, or settle for a bad lot.

One more, very important reason you want to have an agent on your side are the relationships she brings to the table. Maybe your finances aren’t ideal. A good agent has a network of mortgage brokers and will know the right one for your particular circumstances. Or, if you get into a multiple offer situation, you need to be represented by an agent the listing agent wants to work with.

An Experienced Buyer’s Agent Saves You Time & Money

Bottomline, buying a home is likely the largest single purchase you will ever make. It’s a long-term commitment of your time, resources, and money. Don’t set yourself up for buyer’s remorse. Call an experienced buyer’s agent. You won’t regret it.

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