As 2018 draws to a close and we turn our eyes toward 2019, homeowners start thinking about freshening up their homes. For some, that would mean new living room furniture or a new stain on the hardwood floors or tackling bigger renovation projects like the master bath and kitchen.

With the low inventory of homes available on the real estate market, homeowners have been more inclined to spend their money on a simple redo project like a fresh coat of paint. According to a Zillow report, neutral exterior home colors sold for $3,496 more than homes of a different color. For the interior, homes with bathrooms painted powder blue or a periwinkle shade sold for an average of $5,400 more! That’s a HUGE return on a $50 gallon of paint.

Home design and décor trends tend to move slow.  Fashion constantly evolves from year to year.  However, with homes the design trends stick around for much longer as most homeowners do a completely new look every 10 to 15 years or so.  We will be ringing in 2019 before we know what hit us, to help you get a head start on home decor and design trends, we’ve rounded up 5 you can expect to see in the New Year.

Natural Wood

White kitchens with their crisp and clean lines have been the rage for a while and will continue to be popular going forward.  However, more natural light woods have been creeping into 2019 kitchen designs. Pairing white or gray cabinets with a wood island or wood countertops is going to be a very on-trend look for 2019 but is also a classic look. Wood warms up the cooler tones of white and gray.  The always popular black and white “tuxedo kitchen” is given more warmth and character in 2019 with the addition of natural wood.

Blend Outside/Inside Spaces

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces began back in 2017 and have continued to grow in popularity.  Buyers looking to entertain lean towards kitchens that have easy patio and deck access with large, inviting glass sliding doors.  If the kitchen doesn’t have this access, it’s not a failure!  Outdoor access from the living/family room areas works just as well for buyers.

A Pop of Pantone’s 2019 Living Coral

This vibrant, bold color adds spice and animation to your living areas but is not for everyone.  Add it using pillows, artwork, and accessories to keep your home in style without overwhelming your senses.  Earthy colors are making a comeback and look fantastic with Living Coral.

Add Farmhouse Inside & Out

Thanks to HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, this look is still going strong, especially in the southeast. White paint, dark-stained wood and board and batten siding give exteriors the vintage, farmhouse look.  Changing your home’s exterior to the farmhouse look is a big investment.  If you’re not willing to do this then bring the farmhouse look indoors.  Use reclaimed wood, woven baskets of fresh fruits and flowers, soft linens, and mason jars.  Creamy whites and grays with a hint of green and blue are classic farmhouse colors and simple to add throughout a home with paint and accessories.

Consider the BIG Picture

Gallery walls with tons of little pictures are falling out of favor.  Take down the fussy pictures and replace with one BIG picture.  This doesn’t have to match the sofa.  You just need to love it!

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