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Buying a Home

Whether you’re a first time or repeat buyer, home buying will always be a thrilling experience. In the rush and excitement of finding THE perfect home, it’s easy to make common home buying mistakes, which could turn out to be very costly down the road.

To make your home buying journey as seamless and as enjoyable as possible, it’s best to first understand the home buying process. We’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  1. Get mortgage pre-approval

    By knowing how much mortgage you will likely get approved for, you can set your budget and use this to guide you in home shopping. Additionally, most sellers will only respond to buyers with pre-approval as this demonstrates the buyer’s ability to pay and serious intent to buy.

  2. Find the right real estate agent to work with

    Working with an experienced Realtor will help take away most of the stress that comes with home buying. Get in touch with us to find out how. We can lead you to the right home and neighborhood faster than if you do it alone. We will skillfully negotiate on your behalf, and take care of the tons of paperwork that come with the deal. And we will provide you with all the information, guidance, and support that you need every step of the way.

  3. Shop for a home

    Start by having a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a home. How many rooms and how much storage space do you need? Do you want to live close to schools or to work? Are you a fitness buff and want a gym or a running track nearby? How important is it to have that outdoor kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of?

    Knowing what your priorities are will make searching for a home go faster and easier. Use the tools we’ve provided on this website to help you find the right property:

    • Search Homes Right Now is a search tool that enables you to browse an extensive variety of single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums
    • Register for the Home Finder allows members to save their searches, collect their favorites, and opt for instant email alerts when the kind of homes they’re looking for become available on the market.
    • Learn About the Community lets you take a good look at an area before you commit to moving to it. Browse the Featured Areas section for community information and then ask us questions. We’ll make sure you find the area that best suits you!
  4. Make an offer and negotiate

    So you’ve found the right home! We will help you come up with the right offer price and purchase terms, and draft an offer letter. The seller will likely issue a counter-offer, and negotiations begin.

  5. Close the sale

    When your offer is accepted, you and the seller will sign a purchase agreement, which includes all the terms you agreed upon, including all contingencies.

    The process then goes “under contract” where your earnest money will be deposited. This period typically is between30 and45 days. During this time, you’ll need to finalize financing with the bank, which will also be doing their own property appraisal. All contingencies, including home inspections, need to be settled within this period of time.

    Throughout this busy process, we will be doing much of the work for you, and will guide and support you when important decisions have to be made.

When all of these steps are completed, you need to sign more documents on closing day, and the title is transferred to you. Congratulations! You’re now the owner of your new home.

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