People to help make your move and your life easier!

We have compiled a list of trusted individuals and businesses over the years. These resources can be used while you are getting ready to sell your home or after you have made a home purchase. Please contact us directly for the specific vendor information that you need. We want to make sure to get you connected with the right vendor fit for you.

Other areas where you may need recommendations are Lenders, Home Inspectors, Movers, Insurance and you can find their contact information below.

Please contact us at info(at)sherryandcorealestate(dotted)com for a more specific vendor request.

Jeff Charme, Fidelity Bank, 404-931-1308. Jeff(dotted)Charme(at)lionbank(dotted)com

Kathy Vitali, Shelter Mortgage, 770-540-5566. Kathy(dotted)Vitali(at)sheltermortgage(dotted)com

RC Thielemann, Capital Mortgage, 404-257-8422. RCT(at)approved(dotted)com Broker/Principle. Can go to several lenders.

Ryan Jacobs, First Fidelity Funding, 404-943-1533, ext 222. Ryan(at)firstfidelityfunding(dotted)com Broker/Principle. Can go to several lenders.

AccuSpect, Gary Edge, 770-205-9449,

HSI, Inc., John Miller, 770-246-9448,

Cornerstone Inspection Group, 770-436-2667,

(There are many home inspectors in the area and we encourage you to ask around, look at reviews and choose the group that works best for you. No inspector we have found is perfect yet we do have years of experience with these above and would be happy to help you set up an appointment with any of them.)

Jason Taylor Moving, local and interstate, 770-889-9924,

Ivy League Movers, 770-888-7716,

Atlanta Peach (local move), 770-447-5121,

Wheaton (long distance), (800) 932-7799,

Best Deal Movers, (678) 771-5599,

All State, Laure Biel, 770-442-9909

Love, Douglas & Pope, Karen Richard, 770-674-3034

State Farm, Calvin Dubose, 770-475-0101

Independent, Bissell Insurance, 678-208-2802