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September 28, 2018
10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for Resale

We hear and read so much about the current seller’s market that we have the impression that we can list and sell our homes “as is” and get top dollar. For the most part, this is just not true. Kitchens sell homes. Even homebuyers whose best culinary skill is microwaving Ramen noodles notice kitchens when …

September 21, 2018
Home Security Tips

When you own a home, security is one of the most crucial things that you have to think about. While property crime has declined in the United States over the past couple of years, having security measures can still lessen the chances of a burglar entering your home. After giving out some tips on relocating …

August 17, 2018
What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean For You?

After a relatively quiet summer, mortgage rates are on the rise again. At their most recent meeting a few weeks ago, the Federal Reserve didn’t raise interest rates, but it does look like rates will go up in September. Interest rates have gone up twice this year, and indicators point to a couple more rate …

July 26, 2018
Visit Roswell, Georgia

Nestled in north Fulton County, Georgia, Roswell is a city that boasts a seamless blend of history, natural beauty, and a Southern flair combined with modern amenities, offering a vibrant environment filled with exciting attractions. While exploring the city and soaking in the sights and sounds is already an experience on its own, Roswell’s plethora …

July 16, 2018
Spice it up by checking out the best Indian restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Indian cuisine is as colorful and diverse as the country it hails from. However, it’s a type of cuisine that some may find a bit difficult to enjoy, especially if they don’t know where to look. The good news is there are many top-quality Indian restaurants throughout Atlanta that offer both traditional fare and fresh …

July 13, 2018
Is Your Ginormous House the Right Fit for You?

Back in the mid to late 70’s the median house size was 1,655 square feet with a median sale price of $55,700. In 2017, a new single-family home had a median size of 2,457 square feet and a median sale price of $323,100. Homes are getting bigger while the nuclear family is shrinking in size …

July 6, 2018
The importance of a home inspection

During the home buying process, it’s easy for anyone to get swept up in the thrill of searching for and buying a new house that they forget about one of the most important parts of the process – the home inspection. A home inspection is something that should never be overlooked, as it can help …

July 2, 2018
Do You Have to Renovate Your Kitchen in Order to List It?

  So you’re thinking about selling your house this year, but your real estate agent has given you a list of areas that need “some work” before putting it on the market. At the top of the list is your kitchen with its orange oak cabinets, laminate countertops, worn floors, and mismatched appliances. Homeowner interest …

June 15, 2018
Home improvement ideas to increase your home’s value

Looking for ways to boost your home’s value? Take a look at some of these smart fixes and upgrades which could help you land a great deal for your home: Enhance your entrance Buyers typically make up their minds within the first few seconds of entering a house, so never underestimate the impact your front …

June 5, 2018
Why you should move to Marietta, GA

Home to over 60,000 residents, Marietta, GA is a city that has earned national recognition for offering a high quality life. Started as a hub for the new Western and Atlantic Railroad in the 1800s, the city has continued to enjoy decades of growth, enhanced by its close proximity to Atlanta. Are you thinking about …

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