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Eye Candy – Adding Instant Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home, remember that your house has one chance to make an impression. With today’s digital world, that one chance may be online. If your home doesn’t make a good first impression online, then a potential buyer will pass it up and never look back! As a seller, you must impress potential buyers both online and in person. First impressions can make or break your chance to sell your home profitably. Here are some eye-candy ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Here in the South, a manicured, tended lawn is almost an obsession (much like SEC football and sweet tea). A sickly lawn means dollar signs to a buyer. Hire a lawn service or get free advice from your local cooperative extension service on how to improve your lawn’s health. Mow regularly, weed thoroughly, mulch flower beds, trim the hedges, and get rid of overgrown shrubs.

Springtime is a wonderful time to add a burst of color by planting annuals. Add some spice to the front of your home by grouping flowers together for more visual impact from the street. Frame your front door or entrance with an inviting bench and symmetrical pots filled with small trees or medium-sized flowering plants. Speaking of doors, paint it! Painting the front door  a nice accent color is a simple, instant upgrade – easy on the budget, too. Better Homes and Gardens explains how to choose a door color that works with your home. Speaking of doors, don’t neglect your garage doors, particularly if the garage faces the street. If necessary, paint the garage doors and trim. A little paint can go a long way to sprucing up your home’s exterior while adding value.

Rent a power washer and clean your walkway, driveway, deck, carport, garage doors, and house. Remove mold and algae, spider webs, and any other debris from all surfaces. Repair window screens and most definitely have your windows cleaned. It’s not a good idea to put your home on the market without sparkling windows. Look at your roof from the street, too. Get rid of moss, leaves, and mold and make needed repairs to shingles and gutters.

Replace burned out bulbs and clean away debris and grime. If your fixtures are old, corroded, or outdated, replace them with inexpensive options from a home improvement store. Consider adding solar lights for safety and attractiveness. Check your mailbox for rust and dents. A metal mailbox is prone to corrosion from the weather, so consider replacing it for a fresher look. The same is true if your mailbox is wood, and a new coat paint may do the trick. If not, replace it. While you’re at it, replace old house numbers and shine and polish up the door lockset.

Buyers need to look at your home as their own, a home with their things and their style. Put away toys and bikes and other evidence of your day-to-day family life. Hide unattractive trashcans, mechanical boxes, and AC units with painted lattice or strategically placed shrubs. You want these things to disappear so as not to distract from your home’s appeal. Pick up trash, leaves and branches, and scoop up dog waste (an ABSOLUTE must).

As a home seller, you want buyers to have a positive, lasting impression both online and in person. These are just a few inexpensive ideas for adding eye candy to your home’s curb appeal. Remember, you only get one chance, so make that first impression work for you and get that SOLD sign in your yard within days!  If you have any questions about selling your home, contact our Team, a Top 10 Team in North Atlanta.


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