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Home improvement ideas to increase your home’s value

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Looking for ways to boost your home’s value? Take a look at some of these smart fixes and upgrades which could help you land a great deal for your home:

Enhance your entrance

Buyers typically make up their minds within the first few seconds of entering a house, so never underestimate the impact your front door can create. Even simple things like a functioning doorbell or a portico or awning above your front door is enough o make a good first impression.

If you’re up for additional exterior upgrades, you may consider setting your sights on the sides or the back of your home. A spacious, well-built deck might be the upgrade you’re looking for. Many buyers like a deck that enhances yard areas and serves as an extension of the home’s living space. If you use the right materials for your deck, it can stay in good shape for years to come.

Brighten up your interiors

Lighting can greatly enhance any home’s appeal. The best thing about lighting fixtures is they’re easy to install and are relatively cheaper compared to most home upgrades. When thinking about placement, don’t just pop your fixtures at the center of the room. Instead, be creative and place the fixtures over pieces of furniture, so you can create a unique focal point within the space.

Another thing you can do to brighten up your interiors is to use light neutral paint instead of dark colors for your walls and ceilings. Lighter shades can make any living space appear bright and airy, especially when combined with the right lighting fixtures.

Fix your floors

More than 94% of real estate pros highly recommend upgrading your floors. It won’t cost you too much – for about $600 to $900, you can expect a return in value of up to $2,000.

You can spend even less than that as well. Just a few strategically placed nails will help you get rid of annoying creaks and squeaks. Other affordable projects that can make a huge difference include patching up damaged floor boards, replacing broken tiles, and taking out wall-to-wall carpeting.

Add more space

Anything that can create more space and improve the sense of flow can make your home more attractive to buyers. For just several hundred dollars, you can greatly transform the overall feel of your home. Many buyers nowadays want an open floor plan with spacious interiors.

If your kitchen has a kitchen island and also plenty of cabinet space, it might be a good idea to remove the island entirely. Some buyers may prefer a moveable island, so simply adjust according to your buyers’ needs.

Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of any home. It’s a place where meals are prepared and where families gather to discuss their day. Because the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms, it makes sense that it should be updated appropriately.

Depending on your budget, you can go for affordable upgrades like installing new light fixtures or giving old cabinets a fresh coat of paint. If you want to go for a high-end remodel however, then you may want to consider installing quartz or granite countertops or replacing your existing appliances with newer stainless steel models.

Upgrade your baths

Upgrading your bathroom is a surefire way to add value to your home. This type of improvement can be costly however, which won’t help in case you’re planning to spend as little as possible before putting your home on the market. The good news is, there are still a few bathroom upgrades that are relatively cheap, fast, and easy to complete.

Even as little as $500 can make a difference in any bathroom. Some of the things you can do for your bathroom include applying fresh caulk, cleaning the grout, replacing frosted glass with clear glass, replacing faucets, doorknobs and handles, or installing a new low-flush toilet.

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