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What’s My Home Worth?


Home values in Atlanta are complicated. It is difficult to come up with an average price per square foot for any area or neighborhood. The reason this varies is that the home may have other amenities besides the size. One of the biggest differences here is whether the home has a basement or not and if it does have one, is it finished? Does it have a 2 car or 3+ car garage? Screened porch or sunroom? Guest house? Pool or hot tub? All of these things add value besides just the size and quality of the house. it takes a thorough analysis to really come up with a true value of a home. Thinking about selling? We’d love to meet with you and tour your home and discuss your home’s value. We’ll do all of the research before we meet. In the meantime, if you want to get a quick estimate, fill out the form below and our system will email you the report including a list of homes that have sold in your area.

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