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Tips for real estate success

Real Estate Tips

Every day, we receive tons of questions from our clients about different real estate matters. To help you achieve success in your endeavors, here are some general real estate tips that should cover some of the most common queries. Let’s get started!

  1. Having a great credit score can land you your dream home.

    Before buying a home, you should get your finances in order. This includes making sure your credit score is in great shape. It will help you secure a mortgage loan, as it reflects your capability to make payments on time.

    Cleaning up your credit score (if it needs improvement) can take some time, especially if there are errors and disputes in your credit report. We highly advise our clients to do this early in the home buying process, as mortgage applications also take a couple of weeks or so. The better your credit score, the higher chance you’ll get pre-approved.

  2. Find the right Realtor®.

    Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, it’s integral to have the right Realtor® in your team. Go online, look for local Realtors®, get in touch with two or three candidates, and screen them carefully. Ask questions regarding their experience in the local market, how long they’ve lived in the area, recent sales, work and communication style, and if they operate alone or with a team.

    When you have the right Realtor® in your team, real estate success is right within your reach.

  3. Selling your home? Fulfill your obligations.

    Selling a home involves a lot of tasks. If you really want to be a responsible and transparent home seller, make sure to complete your obligations. This includes providing a complete disclosure statement about your property to potential buyers. Give as much information as possible, such as the age of the home and its built-in appliances, any outstanding issues, etc.

    Why is it so important? For one, it gives your potential buyers a better picture of the property. Second, it leaves room for negotiations. Third, it will help settle any disputes, should any arise in the future after the sale. Read here to learn more about real estate disclosures.

  4. Stage your home for sale.

    When it comes to selling your home, you shouldn’t stop at repairs and upgrades. Dress it up for success! Home staging is one of the tried and tested ways that can help you endear it to more buyers and eventually sell it fast (and for more).

    One of the beauties of home staging is you can do it on your own (especially if you have the eye for design) or a professional. It can also range from simple staging to a complete overhaul. The key is to highlight the best parts of the property and leave room to let your buyers imagine living in the home.

  5. Set a price range.

    Pricing your home just right is one of the key elements of a successful sale. It’s not impossible to do– you can determine this getting a home valuation report and looking at similar homes in your neighborhood that were sold recently.

    If you want to open your doors to more offers, we highly suggest setting a price range. For example: if your property is valued at $500,000, consider listing your home at a price range of $499,000 to $549,000. Aside from getting more offers, you’re also increasing your chances of selling the property at a much higher price, especially if you have a set of enthusiastic buyers.

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