Why Use a Buyers Agent


Here’s an analogy we hear often in the real estate business on why you should use a Buyer’s Agent. If you needed surgery, would you let just anyone do the job? Or, would you not only seek out the expertise of a certified Doctor, yet also carefully interview to make sure the Doctor is a good fit for you and has experience with your condition? Well, hiring a buyer’s agent should look the same way.

Not only does a Buyer’s agent need to have experience, area knowledge and a car with plenty of gas; yet, they need to have intelligence with the legal paperwork that goes into the purchase contract as well as understand and demonstrate how to protect you and your earnest money should something go south with the transaction.

They also need to have knowledge of repairs and costs when you receive a lengthy inspection report back and be able to help you get through the inspection/due diligence period. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies once you make the offer on a home. There’s strategy to making an offer and team effort from all parties to maneuver through the buying process to have a successful end result: closing day.

Yes, our Buyer’s Agents have many years of experience, knowledge of the area and mad negotiating skills. They also have strong relationships with real estate attorneys, mortgage professionals, home inspectors and many other resources often needed.

And, we are just down right nice people. Let’s meet!

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